VELUX® Skylights Service Provider in Buffalo and WNY

Happy Home Exteriors LLC is your service provider for VELUX® Skylights in Buffalo and Western New York. Embrace natural light and air with our range of VELUX® products, ensuring your home not only looks inviting but also enhances your living environment and energy efficiency.

Our Skylight Offerings

  • Solar-Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights: Perfect for any home looking to increase natural light and improve air quality. These skylights automatically close at the first drop of rain and are eligible for a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit.
  • Skylight Shades: Choose from our range of shades to control the amount of daylight in your home, improve energy efficiency by up to 40%, and qualify for federal solar tax credits.

Reasons to Replace Your Skylights

  • Save money and time.
  • Coincide warranties for better protection.
  • Improve energy efficiency with our Clean Quiet & Safe Glass.
  • Take advantage of a 30% Federal Tax Credit when you Go Solar​​.

Why Choose VELUX® Skylights?

  • Transform Your Space: Skylights offer unparalleled natural light, transforming the look and feel of your home, supporting your wellbeing, and reducing electricity dependence​​.
  • Innovative Features: From ambient light optimization and fresh air ventilation to automatic rain detection and privacy, VELUX® skylights are designed to enhance your living space​​.
  • The No Leak Promise: With VELUX®'s three layers of protection, enjoy peace of mind against leaks, backed by a 10-year No Leak Warranty*​​.

VELUX® in Action

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VELUX® in Action

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